Founded in December 2002, ILEA (Industrie Luxembourgeoise des Equipmentiers de l’Automobile) provides a platform for Luxembourg automotive component suppliers to address issues of common concern and to represent the industry voice in discussions with the direction of public administrations, ministries and the Government. ILEA also represents the Luxembourg automotive industry at CLEPA – the European Association of Automotive Suppliers in Brussels.

During the downturn in 2009/2010, ILEA developed and executed an ambitions recovery plan, for and on behalf of its members, and engaged with the Government and related ministries in order to secure the necessary support. Another important milestone was the engagement of the Ministry of the Economy in establishing the Luxembourg Automobility Cluster (LAC) with its dedicated full-time management and which became operational in 2014.

ILEA and LAC are working closely together since then. Whereas ILEA continues to represent the interests of the automotive components industry in relation to the Luxembourg Government and its ministries, the LAC is working with its members and new investors, as well as the Ministry of the Economy, on the development of the sector in terms of innovation, R&D and new business development.

ILEA is hosted by Fedil – Business Federation Luxembourg